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We are one of Australia’s pioneering social enterprise construction companies. 

We were founded by Hedayat (Nick) Osyan, a former refugee, whose goal is to give back to the community who has welcomed him with opportunities. 

Our mission is to empower those who have sought refuge and asylum in Australia to build  new lives and make Australia their homes just as they make the environment they construct  for you feel like home.  

On the best available evidence, 17 per cent of humanitarian migrants are in paid work after being in Australia for 18 months. While employment rates improve with time, to get more refugees into jobs more quickly would be a triple-win: it would benefit vulnerable people, boost the budget and improve social cohesion.
(Source: Centre for Policy Development – Settling Better: Reforming refugee employment and settlement services REPORT | February 2017)

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Since being founded in 2018, Community Construction has given a fresh start to 35 new Australians and their families – and counting. The more we grow, the more people we can help assimilate into the community. So get in touch with us today

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 Refugees gain local experience and receive around $500 a week income

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Those who were initially unable to bring their families to Australia due to immigration fees and costly living expenses have been able to sponsor their families and even plan to buy their own home.

Three of our workers have established their own tiling business after the support and training they received

“They become very confident and independent and try to help other people, while only two years ago they were dependent on Centrelink.”


Welcome to our team: Skilled workers with a passion for helping themselves and their community, we are a tightly-knit team of former refugees and asylum seekers, trained and mentored by our founders and supported by a select group of industry experts.

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Whether you are a property developer, a government organisation, a firm in the built environment or a private home owner, our team at CommUnity Construction will be your ideal partners in providing the services you require. We work directly with you or with your chosen suppliers and have simple and straightforward contract arrangements. 


We would love the opportunity to bring our passion, dedication and attention to detail to your project.

We would love the opportunity to bring our passion, dedication and attention to detail to your project.